A brief introduction

A little introduction to me and the purpose of my blog!

My name’s James and I’m a 22 year old, indecisive and relatively unambitious Geography graduate, with a passion for wine!

I don’t really remember where my passion stems from but I’ve been interested in oenology since I was about 14 years old. As I’ve grown up, my passion has grown and developed into an interest in viticulture, production and tasting, rather than just the historical significance of wine.

Since turning 18 (the legal age of alcohol consumption here in the UK), I’ve been fortunate enough to taste and drink some truly remarkable wines, sometimes costing, frankly, obscene amounts of money (Partly this is down to having earned progressively more and having more cause to celebrate with friends and family; but also to further my knowledge). The main purpose is to debunk the idea that to drink a really good bottle of wine, you have to spend a large amount of money; and to share with you some reviews of wines bought in ordinary places for a nonobscene amount of money. However, other purposes are to vent a desire for creative writing and to keep me occupied in the evenings and out of the pub!

The price point poses a challenge because everyone has a different idea of what constitutes an expensive bottle of wine. I aim to review wines and give recommendations mostly within the price range of £5-£15 per bottle. This is slightly above the average price of supermarket wine (£5.58 in 2017) but probably in the price region of those expecting to get a reasonably good quality bottle of wine.

The idea of this price range is that I skip over the likes of Echo Falls and don’t review the likes of Chateau Lafite Rothschild (being out of reach for over 99% of people), at either end of the price spectrum. Having said this, every now and again I’ll review a more expensive bottle of wine and compare it with the standard range.

This blog really is testing the water and I have no expectations of grandeur or great success, but if I can help one person buy a better quality of wine for the same price as they would normally spend, I’ll be quite pleased.

In addition to try to provide people with recommendations of better value wines, with each review I’ll add a little background into the area and grape variety. Therefore, offering some educational value as well.

My aim is to review 2-3 different wines a week, sometimes perhaps more, sometimes perhaps less.

I hope you all enjoy,



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